Introducing Kaleidoscope

The only omnibus approach to organizational diversity based on performance metrics

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Kaleidoscope was developed for companies

who want to harness the power of an engaged, diverse workforce in today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace. 

Kaleidoscope allows companies to tap deeper into the hearts and minds of their employees, recruit the best of the best, and retain employees through its ability to better align corporate goals with individual’s actions.  Diversity programs also demonstrate to customers and investor that a company is progressive and has pulse on the current social environment.

Working in concert with senior management, human resources groups, procurement & supply chain management, along with your internal communications resources, we develop a bespoke approach to addressing internal and external issues and encumbrances that can hinder an organization’s full potential. 

Kaleidoscope Certified Organization

Companies who conduct both phases of the program receive designation as a Kaleidoscope Certified Organization (KCS) for the first year.  Subsequent year designations are determined by the successful achievement of the company’s unique performance metrics.  The KCS designation has been recognized and endorsed by (organization and publication list and logo if we can use them)

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Organizational Diversity  Leveraging the Power of the Many for Greater Success

Countless studies have demonstrated that the more diverse organizations have better EPS, revenue growth, new product introductions, and a higher retention rate than their peers.  So with that empirical data making such a strong case for gender, race, country of origin and sexual orientation diversity, why are so many organizations reticent to engage in diversity programs?

The more we’ve peeled back the onion layers, corporate leaders are often likely to tell us

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Customers and potential customers, especially younger ones, have a higher awareness and desire to work with companies who have demonstrably high social awareness and actions

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Increasingly investors are using social responsibility as an investment criterion

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We don’t think we have diversity issues, but it’s never been a priority

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Board members are beginning to see the benefits of cultural diversity

Gray Structure

Diversity Equality and Inclusion Elements (Representative)

  • Current state assessment

  • Industry and peer benchmarking

  • Management input and prioritization

  • Goal setting and KPI design

  • Root cause analysis

  • Diversity training

  • Diversity in hiring

  • Advancement and career development

  • Tone from the top and other communications

  • Ongoing benchmarking using agreed-upon KPIs

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Supply Chain Diversity Elements (Representative)

  • Assessing current state of supplier diversity program

  • Establishing definition and scope of supplier diversity program

  • Developing supplier diversity structure and accountability throughout purchasing organization

  • Strategic benchmarking and goal-setting (short- and long-term)

  • Designing and implementing KPIs

  • Establishing and categorizing strategic sourcing baseline

  • Identifying sourcing options from proven, diverse suppliers

  • Internal collaboration strategies for procurement and sourcing departments

  • Strategic partnering and collaboration with potential suppliers

  • Ongoing monitoring and tracking of performance vs. established goals

  • Internal and external reporting design and frequency

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The common responses we hear are:

We already are an open and welcoming organization

We provide opportunities to all who want to put forth the effort to succeed

Our Human Resources professionals already have a handle on the issues related to diversity

Kaleidoscope Dashboard

See things in a different way

Using the same disciplines as highly-effective companies use for financial, risk, workforce and other KPIs, the Kaleidoscope Dashboard allows management to track the pre-determined KPIs related to Diversity Equality & Inclusion and Supply Chain Diversity.   The program was developed to work seamlessly within existing ERP platforms, so there’s no need for additional software or API costs.  

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About the Team

Kaleidoscope is a strategic alliance between McConnell & Jones, one of the largest African American owned CPA firms in the US, and Reed Development Group,  a nationally recognized resource and thought leader in advancing diversity.


Kimberly S. Reed M.Ed., CDP


Erica D. Bennett, M.Ed.


Keith D. Ellison, MBA

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Gilbert Hopkins, CPA

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Sharon E. Murphy, MBA

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Odysseus Lanier, CPA


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